staticContentMacro jwt is not passed by confluence

In the docs it is written:

If you decide to use a static content macro, you can get the macro body the same way.

This doesn’t seem to be true for me. When my macro is static, confluence does not send a jwt in the query parameters. How am I supposed to call the REST API to receive the macro body, when I don’t get a jwt?

Is there any other way to receive the jwt token?
Thank you.

Are you using the POST rendering method? If so, the jwt will be in the request body rather than the query params.

EDIT: If not using the POST method, then I’d recommend looking into it, since you will not have to turn around and request the macro body at all, it can be posted to you along with the initial request.


Amazing, that made everything so much easier.
Thank you so much! :smile:

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