Storage API in Custom UI


I am building a forge app. I have built the UI using Custom UI, but now I cannot find a way to use storage api.

import {storage} from '@forge/api'

Apparently this is supported only for UI Kit, but I don’t think I can switch now.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey !

It’s the same problem on this post.

Since you cant call @forge/api in Custom UI, you have to use a Forge function.

  1. Define a Forge function using the @forge/resolver package (see examples here)
  2. In this function, add the logic to use the Storage API using storage from @forge/api
  3. Finally, in your CustomUI front code, use the @forge/bridge to invoke the Forge function defined in the first point (see example here)

Hope it’s help


@clement_garin Thank you for that. I will give it a try. Have a great day!