Storage API v.s Entity Properties Forge

According to the documentation the Storage API and Entity Properties in Forge are different type of storages for different purposes?
Can we use both implemented in an app?

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The main difference is “who can see / edit data”:

  • Entity properties are public, and so anyone can read/write thing in these
  • Forge storage is dedicated to your Forge application for a given Atlassian instance. Only your app can read and write thins in it. Even instance admins can’t use it.

Can we use both implemented in an app?

Yep, you can use both without any problem. Ensure to add related permissions in your manifest.yml.


Thank you @clement_garin
I would want to know if we can enable history on both of the storages? For example if we can know who added/modified or deleted the data.

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The storage API is only accessible by the app.
We don’t provide a history of additions/modifications of data in the Forge hosted storage.

Can we use the storage API to create functionality in the Admin Page?

Basically I want to be able to toggle what projects have access to see the issue-panel or other items, and I was told that I could only do that with a connect app. And I don’t want menu items available to the projects that cannot use them ultimately.