Storage API's unexpected error


I can see the following statement in my logs from 28th Feb at approx 14:53 UTM:

resolver core:function {"message":"An unexpected error occurred","name":"FUNCTION_ERR","stack":"Error: An unexpected error occurred\n    at Function.forErrorCode (index.js:32311:16)\n    at assertNoErrors (index.js:32334:33)\n    at getResponseBody (index.js:32349:5)\n    at async GlobalStorage.query (index.js:32414:16)\n    at async GlobalStorage.list (index.js:32371:26)\n    at async StorageRepository.fetchStartsWith (index.js:38011:12)\n    at async StorageRepository.fetchAll (index.js:38020:26)\n    at async StorageService.fetchAllData (index.js:38064:12))"}

Has anyone else encountered this?

I can’t find any information about this particular issue. From the weird UI behavior that a user described to us, it appeared that no Error was raised for our code to handle (did it fail silently?) Because if it had, they would’ve seen a frozen screen instead.

I’m just trying to gather more information about what happened, so we can handle this situation in a manner that doesn’t confuse users.

Hi @JonniG,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the storage APIs.

Could you raise an ECOHELP ticket with the above and some additional details about your app (your app ID and the impacted customer if you have it) so that our developer support team can help you troubleshoot?


Thanks for following up, Tim. I’ve raised an ECOHELP ticket as per your instruction.