Store key/value in Jira issue (readonly preferable)

My Forge app creates Jira Issues programmatically and there are some values that I need to store in the Issue for later use, ideally read only, or hidden from the user (like an internal property). From what I gather from the docs, it seems the best way of doing this is with custom fields, but altho I can create them with the API, the only way to make them available to use in the Issues is with the Admin permission scope or asking the user to do it manually in the Jira admin UI, both ways do are compatible with my idea.

Is this correct?

I’ve been thinking about adding the key/value in the description of the issue maybe tokenized in base64 so I can recover it later on, example:

#appData: SGVsbG8gd29ybGQhISEK
Description of the issue… . … . . . . . .

This means tho that the user can delete/edit the information breaking the logic. BTW, the information is not secret and/or private.

Any suggestions?

the issue properties seem to be perfect for you. See: