Storing Files on a Cloud Instance?

I’ve been trying to update my server plugin to cloud, and need a way to store files larger than 32kb. I’ve been digging through the Cloud Documentation for a while, and only see a way to store 32kb with a maximum of 100MB per app via the Content/App properties.

Am I going to have to use a 3rd party to store files or is there something I’m missing?


It does appear like I will have to use a 3rd party to store files. I downloaded a trial version of Insight Inventory Management (Cloud version) and all uploaded images point towards their own servers.

This is pretty disappointing coming from the server version, as it significantly increases the amount of work needed to do powerful things. The 100MB limit is laughable considering how cheap storage is these days.

Well depending what you are trying to store where and who should be able to access and modify it, you can store your files as attachments. You can for example create a separate space with the appropriate permissions and attach the files to the space homepage. Or create a custom content object in your space and attach the files to it. According to this, the maximum storage on Confluence Cloud is 2 GB for free instances and 250 GB for standard instances. According to this, the default maximum attachment size is 100 MB, but it can be configured, but I’m not sure what the maximum is.

That would be a good idea, but I want these files to be stored somewhere that can’t be easily manipulated and accessible in a global scope. I might be able to hack something together with hidden pages, but I may as well just upload them to a cloud server instead (so I can offer a standalone version of the app as well).

The 100MB was referring to the maximum app size itself, and cloud apps can only store 100, 32kb properties at the maximum which is much too small to store files in.

Thanks though!