Strange field value in API response

Hi, team
We are using the get call of version endpoint in our integration. We observed that the value of userReleaseDate and userStartDate can be in the 6/Apr/2010 kind of format. But, in one of the records, we are seeing the value of this field as 29/abr/22 which is not a valid date. This results in an error during the DateTime transform. Can you please confirm that this is from an API side issue or some user would have edited this value?

Hello @PrijenKhokhani

The underlying date values of userStartDate and userReleaseDate are the same as startDate and releaseDate, but rendered in the local date and time format for that particular user.

As per the example provided in the REST API documentation:

    "self": "",
    "id": "10000",
    "description": "An excellent version",
    "name": "New Version 1",
    "archived": false,
    "released": true,
    "releaseDate": "2010-07-06",   <-- The date in native format
    "userReleaseDate": "6/Jul/2010", <-- The same date, in the user's local format
    "overdue": true,
    "projectId": 10000

You should always read those two dates values in their native format from startDate and releaseDate.

@sunnyape Ok, I understood it. But, even in the local date and time format field value should be 29/apr/22
instead of 29/abr/22 and we have concerns about that. Also, we see a difference between the startDate and userStartDate field values as below,

How can we use those two date values in their native format from startDate and releaseDate?


I would have thought the answer was obvious just from looking at the two dates. Doesn’t it seem apparent to you that startDate of 2018-04-27 is the date value stored internally as 0 UTC, but userStartDate of 26/Apr/18 (2018-04-26) is that same date, but represented in the user’s local format AND time zone, which includes any offset to UTC configured for Jira.

Maybe try some experiments yourself to try and isolate the cause of the problem, such as:

  1. Look at the dates via the GUI to see if they also exhibit the same ‘apr’ / ‘abr’ behaviour
  2. Find if the problem happens for every single version in every single project
  3. Find if the problem changes when you change Jira’s timezone or date settings
  4. Find if the problem changes when you make test versions and start / release them at different times
  5. Find if the problem only affect dates in April, or every other month too
  6. Ask one of the other devs on your team to give you their interpretation of the problem