Strange issue when app is accessed before installation lifecycle event completes


We are using the installation lifecycle event to run a function post install. This post install function sometimes takes 4 to 5 seconds. We are running into an issue where if the user accesses the app before the post install completes, the app becomes unusable. Specifically, calls to Jira API (get user) fails with 403.

I am now able to reproduce this issue at will. If I wait until the install completes then there are no issues. I don’t see any errors in our logs.

Has anyone run into this? Is there a way to force the app to be shown in the Apps menu only after post-install event completes?


I have seen an issue starting yesterday, although with Connect, in which the app user was not correctly provisioned by Confluence and all API calls were returning 403. I was not able to figure out how to reproduce it, though, and I don’t know if it is necessarily the same issue as yours with Forge.

I filed an incident under ECOHELP, but they said it was probably a bug rather than a breaking change, so they changed the issue type to just “bug”. It doesn’t seem like anyone has picked it up as of yet.

Thank you for the reply, Scott. It sounds like they may be related but will let the Atlassian folks confirm. I created a ticket as well. Will update if I hear anything.

Atlassian confirmed this is an issue. This happens when the consent screen is accessed before the app is installed leading to a partial consent. The suggested workaround rather than uninstalling the app is accessing the manage apps page in Identity, removing all grants and then granting it once again.

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