Strange working of JQL Editor

I am using JQL editor AP.jira.showJQLEditor()
During the loading of the html page, I prepares the JQL Editor dialog for fast rendering:

      function load() {
      window.onload = load;

I open the JQL editor by clicking on a button and it works correctly:

var options = {
  jql: '',
  header: 'JQL Editor',
  descriptionText: '',
  submitText: 'Accept',
  cancelText: 'Cancel'

var callback = function(obj) {

AP.jira.showJQLEditor(options, callback);

but I have observed some strange behavior:

1) Clicking on links and/or changing the view

If I change the view to “Detail View” in the issue navigator

The view has also changed in my JQL Editor when i open it:

I can click on the links of the issues… getting anomalous behaviors…

Similarly, I can click on the links in “List View”:

and goes blank

2) When trying to select columns, the final buttons are not displayed as in the issue navigator

Is there a way to avoid these behaviors… disable the links, show only the input to insert the JQL without showing the issues of it… or any other alternative?


Thanks for the excellent information @dortiz
I’ve created a public issue ACJS-1173 to track for progress

Hi man,can you help me?
I am using AP.jira.initJQLEditor();
But I get this error

Yep, you can ask your question on