Structure of the dataUri JSON object for the User Interface Support module?

The documentation here doesn’t fully describe the structure of the dataUri property or explain if it interacts with the valueType property. This is a known issue - see

Format appears to be like:

{"suggestedResults": [
 {"id": "value1", "text": "First Option"},
 {"id": "value2", "text": "Second Option"}],
"searchResults": [
 {"id": "value1", "text": "First Option"},
 {"id": "value2", "text": "Second Option"}]

Can anyone confirm this structure and if/how this relates to the valueType property configuration? When you don’t have many option the UI isn’t very elegant, but I’ve tried using ‘labels’ not ‘string’ as the value type and end up with strange results.

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This isn’t something a lot of people seem to use, so we’ve had to prioritize other doc issues. However, we’re working on validating your observation so that we can update this doc when time permits.

I’m not using it now because it doesn’t work very well, but I couldn’t tell if if simply doesn’t work or I hadn’t configured it correctly.

Good question. I don’t know the answer to that yet either.

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@PeterConrad was any progress ever made with this?

Not yet. Sorry for the delay.

@PeterConrad just checking in again to see if you had any updates on this?