Submitting a Cloud link in migrations logs // {{link:<URL>}} syntax still required?


with the CCMA/JCMA change to Progress Logs, the information submitted via the Send migration progress REST API now goes to a CSV resource, and not to something shown on the JCMA/CCMA front-end anymore.

The Send migration progress REST API still recommends the special {{link: }} syntax, but with Progress Logs, this isn’t interpreted in any way and just sits there as is in the CSV.
Is the REST API documentation simply outdated, i.e. should we now skip the link syntax?

Can anyone clarify?

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Hi @UdoHagemannDecadisAG :wave:

You are correct. The REST API documentation is outdated and we’ll get it fixed. Sorry for that.
We don’t see the dropdown progress component coming back.

Thank you,


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