Subscribing to Asynchronous events


I am looking for a way to get notified when something changes in Jira. For exaple:
We have a project in Jira and i wan to know when a ticket changes state e.g. from development to code review.
Ideally this should be available via asynchronous events in order to be efficient and also put this information in a Kafka topic for others to consume.
Is this possible?

You can achieve this by creating a plugin the uses Atlassian event library as described in this tutorial:

You can view some of the events you can listen to here: Jira Event Javadoc

By default these events are synchronous, so you have to raise a new event with the @AsynchronousPreferred annotation as described in this tutorial:

Then when you receive your own asynchronous event, you can call whatever external system you would like from within your event listener code.

Hope that answers your question.

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