Successive Jira REST API calls and performance

How many successive REST API calls can one do before anticipating a performance hit on a dedicated Jira standalone instance?

Scenario: An application loops through a list and creates an issue in Jira using the REST API for each item sequentially. There is no limit to the number of issues at this time–I’m asking this question in the case that we need to cap batch creation using the Jira REST API.

Server 1:
Jira Server

Server 2:
Jira MySQL

I have never really worked with successive create rest api on my own. I have done something similar using plugin. But on high level their is no performance hit. I had my task running for 6 days in a row creating 10K issues per hour on average. Everything else was running fine while the back end task was running.

Above stats are for 10 GB RAM and SQL Server.

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