Suggestions for reading and writing data


I am working on a trello integration for discord webhooks. I want to publish it, but I would need a way for people to set their discord webhook url without my interaction.

I would prefer if I would be able to make my integration without needing to store a user their token. But I do need to have a token in order to create a new Webhook. And in order to keep the Webhook existing, I do need to have a token which doesn’t expire.

But if I were to create an settings iframe to save the discord webhook url using the t.set('board', 'shared', 'discordwebhookurl', '') then I would still need to have a user token in order to get that data on my webhook callback server…

Any suggestions on how to do this?

Also I seem to be unable to ‘receive’ the usertoken after the user authorized the request that started using the t.authorize() or t.getRestApi().authorize().