Super.executes() disables plugin but super.SUCCESS works fine. Why?

Actually I am trying to fetch the data from VM (dropdown value) to the webwork action class

Also when I created the webwork using “atlas-create-jira-plugin -module” it created 3 VM files, I have deleted the INPUT.vm file.

My action class is given below. I wanted to do a post operation when the save button in vm is clicked.

public class ViewAction extends JiraWebActionSupport

private static final Logger log = LoggerFactory.getLogger(ViewAction.class);	

private String project;

public ViewAction(){

public String execute() throws Exception {
	System.out.println("In Execute");    	

    return doExecute(); //returns SUCCESS

public String doExecute() throws Exception{
			System.out.println("PROJECT"+project+"Project ::::"+getProject());

	return SUCCESS;

public String getProject(){
	return project;
public void setProject (String project){
	this.project = project;