Support for cacheable iframes in Project Page

Hello there.

We have a problem in our application related to expired JWTs in application iframes. We want to solve that problem with cacheable iframes.

We want to start with a view that we access from a sidebar link.

In our application’s descriptor, we use the Project Page module for that purpose. But it appears to not have support for the cacheable property. Neither the Project Page module documentation, nor the descriptor schema mentions it in supported properties. This is a little misleading, since the cacheable iframes documentation states, that cacheable iframes are supported in:

  • Web Panels
  • Dialogs
  • Web items where the target is either dialog or inlineDialog
  • Pages
  • Dynamic Content Macros

Project Page is type of a Page module, but it doesn’t seem to support the cacheable property. I’ve opened a feature request about that with Atlassian.

Did anyone have success with implementing cacheable iframe pattern for the Project Page, or for any view that is accessed from the Jira sidebar?

@jurajjakub [ACJIRA-1598] Enable cacheable iframes for jiraProjectPages - Ecosystem Jira tracks this feature request. Please watch that issue. I have close your new feature request as a duplicate.

Yes, the mention jiraProjectPages in the documentation for Page is confusing, since as you say Project Page does not yet support the cacheable property.