Support for Custom UI subpages

Hello community!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added a support for subpage rendering with Custom Ui in several page modules. This change means you can split a Jira admin, global, project, or project settings page into several pages.

See the documentation of the supported modules:

Also, take a look at project subpages app that provides an example of subpages implementation for Jira project module.


This is great and we could start making use of it today…

Is it possible to designate the “main” page though? That way when a user clicks in on the item - they would land on that page. Right now the nav updates, but the user has to click on a second time in order to actually load a page.

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Is it possible to build nested page hierarchies with this? That’s what users know from the native Jira navigation (in the project sidebar you can click on “Project Settings”, then on “Issue Types”.

Hi @JulianWolf
Thanks for reaching out. Currently it’s possible to have only one level of nesting for forge apps. When you click on a nested forge app, the subpages can’t be nested.

Basically agreed, I’d prefer a more dynamic variation though:

Nowadays many platforms provide an ‘App home’ pattern, where users land to start their onboarding journey (i.e. the ‘Intro’ page in you example app). Now, most users do not want to end up on that page again automatically each time once the app has been properly configured, rather on the main workload page to dive right in. Regardless, it should always be possible to actively navigate back to the ‘App home’ aka ‘Intro’ here to restart onboarding etc., i.e. the page has to remain visible in the menu.

  • NB: Implementing this dynamic landing page atop a future “main” page might well be possible already with router (I’m not well versed with Custom UI and React).

Hi @danielwester
Thanks for the feedback. We did consider this when working on subpages.

In our discussion we found that each one has its pros and cons. We ultimately went with the option where user would decide which page they want to navigate to.

First approach: To land on the main page when the nav item is clicked. Whenever the user wants to navigate to not the main page, it becomes an issue.

Second approach: To let users click on the item in the contextual navigation. In here there is an obvious two clicks to reach the main page.

In this tradeoff we went with the option that puts users in the center. I hope this clarifies. Please let me know if you have any more feedback on this. In any case I will keep an eye on this topic.


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