Support for Forge Custom Fields on Transition Screens

Are there plans to support the Forge Custom Fields and Custom Field Type module on transition screens and also the Create Linked Issue screen in JSM.

I see here that you are gathering use cases, but surely the use cases are no different to support for standard custom fields or custom fields provided by Atlassian Connect add-ons.

Can you give some indication of where this is on the roadmap?


Hi Chris!

Thank you for the interest in using Forge in Jira as well as your feedback.

Custom Field and Custom Field Type have been the biggest Forge modules in Jira and since we introduced it the team in Atlassian has been constantly working on introducing them to different parts of Jira and improving them in existing places. Recently we’ve been focusing on the create issue view and last month we introduced the module to the new issue view.

There are many places in Jira where these modules aren’t supported yet. We definitely want to invest in Forge Custom Field and Custom Field Type, which would mean bringing them to i.a. new views including transition screens as well as JSM. This is on our radar, but at this point we can’t tell when you can expect it coming.

You can be sure that as soon as this work is planned to be executed it will be visible on our public roadmap.

Once again, thank you for sharing your feedback, it helps us a lot in making better decisions when it comes to prioritizing our efforts.


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