Support for geolocation feature


I would like to add a geolocation feature to my Forge app, however it is not possible at the moment because of some security restrictions.

According to the documentation (Feature-Policy: geolocation - HTTP | MDN), using geolocation with an iframe element requires to add a Feature-Policy header and include an allow attribute on the iframe element.

Is it possible to allow this feature in Forge app sandboxed iframe?

About security… users are prompted for permission before using geolocation feature, it cannot be used without users approval, so I think it is not a security risk.

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Hi @kbujacek ,

Thanks for the feedback. Do you mind sharing your use case for geolocation in a Forge app?

Hello Michael,

We would like to allow a user to localize himself in our map-like application.

Hi @kbujacek

Did you solve the problem? I am struggling with the same.

Regards, Mik.

Hello @Mik,

No, I did not solve this issue.