Support for saved macro modules when migrating from Connect to Forge macro - EAP


We have heard your need for Macro migration support and are excited to announce that have recently released a Confluence update that will allow saved Connect macro data to be migrated to Forge. This feature is now in Early Access and we would love to have you take part.


Previously, it was not possible to migrate saved macro modules from Connect to their Forge equivalents. For example, if a Connect-based Confluence macro is removed and upgraded to a Forge-based macro, all existing instances of the macro saved in pages will stop working.

With this change, a Connect app that has been re-written as a Forge app can now transfer saved macro data to the Forge macro extension. The Connect macro extension will be transformed to the Forge macro extension when edited. This allows the Forge successor to a Connect app to transition saved macro instances without disrupting existing customers who have installed the app.

Interested in joining the EAP?

Please reply to this topic with your app name or marketplace link if you are interested to sign up.

Once we have your app key we will reach out if we need to clarify some of the known limitations that your connect macro module is using. For example, rich-text macro type and macroId parameter are not supported in Forge macro.

If everything looks good, you will be invited to the dedicated Atlassian Developer Community space. This space is available for you to communicate with Atlassian to provide feedback and bug reports.


Thanks for the update! Is the announced EAP somehow related to a solution for missing Custom UI support of Forge macro parameter configuration? Most of our Connect macros require a fullscreen-like editing experience which is the main blocker for our migration.

Good news, thankse :slight_smile:

Is there any chance Forge Macro now supports plain-text macro body?
And do you have server to cloud(forge) migration also covered?

See this post where I explained these problems:

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Interested for our app Render Markdown, Please add me to the EAP :slight_smile:

Hi @clouless
This change supports Cloud Connect macro to Forge macro only.
Forge macro does not have macroBody as you mentioned, but plaint-text macro body data will be available from your migrated Forge macro config using __bodyContent.

 // Forge
 const config = useConfig();
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Hi @JulianWolf Unfortunately this EAP does not address any of the feature differences between Connect macro and Forge macro. This feature is to support stored Connect macro data migration to Forge macro.
I found a public ticket for Custom UI support for Forge macro configuration, which you could follow or request for an update.

Thanks. I hope Atlassian Staff will also work on a Server/DC to Cloud Forge migration as well. The __bodyContent sounds promising :slight_smile: And could also work for Server to Cloud (since Confluence Page storage format is the same).

We would like to join the EAP with Aura Aura Content Formatting Macros (Tabs Miro Figma Google HTML) | Atlassian Marketplace

Thank you!

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The ticket you linked to was closed, I believe custom UI for macro config is being tracked here: [FRGE-513] - Ecosystem Jira

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