Support for UI Kit Jira Dashboard Gadgets

We’ve introduced the jira:dashboardGadget Forge module as part of the Early Access Program (EAP). With this module, you build dashboard gadgets with UI Kit using Forge. Custom UI support is planned.

The dedicated About the Forge Module jira:dashboardGadget EAP category Atlassian Developer Community space is available for your feedback and bug reports.

See the Jira dashboard gadget reference documentation for more details.


Thanks for sharing. Much appreciate the commitment to CustomUI support for gadgets. Most gadgets will want to render graphs and charts!
Best, Ulrich

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Thanks for the information about the Jira Dashboard Gadgets availability in Forge. What about the option to create Jira Custom Reports?. Do you have any plans to add such module in Forge?, you know, similar to the jiraReports that exists for Atlassian Connect Apps.


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The reports module is under consideration. Please vote here if you need it.

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Hi Jakub,

Unfortunately I don’t see an option to vote for it:

But, yes I am interested on it and would be great if you add it too.


Please log in, then the voting option should be available.

Yes, you are right, I thought I was already logged in. Now I voted for that ticket.

Thanks Jakub

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