Survey: Interest in building Backup and Restore Apps

Backup and Restore capabilities for Atlassian cloud products is one of the most demanded features from our customers. We are floating this survey to gauge our developer community’s interest in building Backup and Restore Apps. We will use your inputs to distribute our efforts between shipping required APIs and out of box solutions. Please share your comments on the post directly too!

PS: Please Ignore the question which asks if you are a partner. To proceed with the survey select either ‘Yes’ or ‘No, but we are keen to build an app for Atlassian products in the future’. We intended to include all the developers and not just partners, but we included an old version of that question by mistake. Apologies!


Can you expand on what you’re asking for? The survey seems to target solution partners instead of marketplace partners.

Is this asking for partners that would use the backup solutions that atlassian would build or something else?


@danielwester Thanks for pointing it out! We intend to include all developers including marketplace partners. Please one of the first two options to proceed with the survey, as selecting No would end the survey. The question became part of survey unintentionally. Apologies!

To be honest… I’m a really confused by this.

Over the past few years, Atlassian Marketplace Partners have been going through all sorts of hoops to implement requirements from Atlassian with regarding to building “trust” in the Atlassian Ecosystem, and more specifically Atlassian Cloud:

  • A rigorous implementation of GDPR
  • Increasingly strict Cloud security programs, including bug bounty & cloud fortified
  • (Unofficial) deprecation of Connect in favour of Forge, with the idea to moving all apps (and app data) to the Atlassian infrastructure

In addition, Atlassian has a fairly bad track record with regard to the APIs available to Marketplace Partner with unannounced changes (incl. breaking changes), deprecations and outages.

And now you want Atlassian Marketplace Partners to create apps to take care of not only storing customer data (incl. PII) as well as have the responsibility for data restore using your APIs?

Not in a million years will I burn my hands on that.


Agree on that!
Vendors should not touch that topic. Instead we should push Atlassian to fix it ASAP. Backups and restoring should be implemented by Atlassian. There is just huge liability on that and how could Atlassian just escape from that.

Right now the “backup and restore” arent even in list of features. So i guess its just silently ignored when selling the products. All the effort has been pushing customers to cloud and partners to jump through the burning hoops, but their main setup Jira+Confluence in cloud is not fully restorable. There are ways how you can get some data back, but its just partial restore and demands some skills that most SaaS companies might not have.



I don’t quite understand the question to be honest.

Atlassian must start with proper API for safe storage on Atlassian (not vendor/partner side). That’s the first step towards data residency, backups. migrations, instance merging, staging and so on. Sort this out first, please.

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