T.render() run more than once?

It seems to me that t.render() is being called twice after triggering t.set(). Example: t.set('card', 'shared', 'testKey', 'testValue').

Can anyone reproduce it and if so, confirm that this is either a bug or desired piece of functionality?

I’m not able to reproduce using this test project: https://glitch.com/edit/#!/cdac-39174?path=public%2Fpopup.html%3A27%3A7

Edit: Sorry, I should have provided more context! If you add the example Power-Up that I shared as a custom Power-Up and enable the board-button capability, you’ll see it adds a board button. When you click the board button, it opens an iframe with a button on it. That iframe has a console.log in the t.render that is called on initial load. And then clicking on the button calls t.set. When you click the button, you should see the t.render's console.log fire again (and only once).

Thanks for the feedback!
It seems that the issue is specific to my setup. I will investigate further, once I have time and will report if I find anything of substance.