Tabs in Confluence

Hello All,

Disclaimer: I am very new to Atlassian/Confluence.

All I want is a confluence page with some tab panels like shown on this page:

When I’m in edit mode on my confluence page I’m trying to make and I hit crtl+shift+A, I don’t see Tabs anywhere in my available macros.

When I copy-paste the HTML code from the AUI documentation page into my confluence page’s source code, I do get tabs. But for some reason when I hit Apply in my source code, it makes the id attributes disappear from these lines:

<div class="tabs-pane active-pane" id="tabs-example-first">
<div class="tabs-pane" id="tabs-example-second">

So I end up with a tabs menu-items that don’t load the info from respective tab-panes. In other words, clicking on Tab 2 changes nothing and the info from Tab 1 remains visible.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for any help!