Tapping into the Jira Notifications Center


Would there be a way for my app to tap into the ‘Notifications’ center in Jira and display activities?


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Depends. How do you want to “tap in”? You can listen to the various webhooks for events.

We’re actually wondering the same thing. We have functionality where you can assign sales to users. And we are thinking about being able to @mention users throughout our app. It would be great if we could add notifications for these events to Jira/Confluence.

But at the same time, we would like to display Jira/Confluence notifications in our product. Perhaps the webhooks can help us with this part.

@danielwester Use case that came in mind was exactly as @Maarten mentioned

I have a special ‘event’ happen in my app (someone updates a diagram in our example), I’d like it to be displayed in Notifications (similar to whenever @mentions happen).

Super valuable for us vendors since the assumption is that users track all the happenings in Jira there (imagine it would be a bother for Jira users to have to check another notif system/location siloed in an add-on)

Yeah, this is basically what we’re building since we couldn’t find any endpoints for Jira notifications.

I understand if Atlassian is careful about letting app vendors push notifications to their product. You don’t want it to become another spam inbox. (although I’m getting so many notifications from Jira that I already consider it a spambox).

I think it would be great if users could subscribe to notifications. I would love it if I could somehow manage the types of notifications Jira is sending me. And then subscribe to notifications of apps that I use on a regular basis.

Does anyone know if this is something that’s being considered? @rwhitbeck @ldenton?

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I’m not aware of any feature for this. It might be good to open a feature request for this on DevHelp.

I’ve sent this thread to the notifications team.

Hi @svalencia!
Thanks for your suggestion! Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Sherif, a PM in our platform team looking at how the ecosystem might extend the various new cross-product platform features. Notifications is one of those features.

We do have this in our long-term sights, but no immediate plans. Our first step is to ensure full integration with Jira and Confluence cloud first before extending it.

That all being said - @pstreule and myself have a talk planned this AtlasCamp in Barcelona this year and will touch on this topic: https://www.atlassian.com/atlascamp/schedule?sessionid=479107 we’ll present a exploration for how apps across our platform might work with the goal of hearing your feedback on this topic and how you might use it.

If you’re unable to make Barcelona, not a problem, this talk will be published on YouTube, and we’ll have a link to register an expression of interest to extend different parts of our platform (notifications being one of them).

Sherif Mansour
Product Manager


Thanks @ldenton, @rwhitbeck and @smansour. I’m definitely looking forward to the Teamwork platform talk. We’re working on a cross-product app and would love to share our insights so far.

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Expressions of interest and the talk is now available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXUsonLRZcQ
(at the end of the talk there is a link to register your interest)

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Is there any update around this feature after two years?