Team vs Company managed project and custom fields

Hi there,

I need to create custom field and assigned to project screen/tabs.
For Company managed project it is working without problem but for Team managed projects custom field is not created and not assigned to task. Is it possible create and assign custom field in Team managed projects?
Or I am missing some permissions?

Thank you

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This page (What are team-managed and company-managed projects? | Jira Software Cloud | Atlassian Support) contains the difference between team and company managed projects.

In particular, the custom field for team managed project links to this page (Available custom fields for team-managed projects | Jira Software Cloud | Atlassian Support) contains the full list of custom fields that are supported by team-managed projects, and it also says this:

Fields in team-managed projects are contained within the project itself. Currently, you can’t share a field created in one team-managed project with another team-managed project, or with a company-managed project. Similarly, you can’t use a custom field created in a company-managed project on your team-managed project issues. Learn more about custom field types in company-managed projects.

Is that your case?