Tell me what you need in Forge

Hi folks, I’m looking to talk with at least 3 of you about your thoughts on Forge. If you have looked at Forge and taken it for a spin I’d love to understand where you stand on Forge today. Things I’m interested in discussing with you What do you like about Forge, when was the last time you used Forge, what would be a blocker for you in using Forge (technical, marketplace or business blockers as some examples).

If you have 30 minutes DM me with your interest and we can figure out a time to meet in the next week. If you don’t have time to meet and still want to provide feedback. Please send over your thoughts to me in DM.


Not sure if you are still looking for feedback but Blueprint support in Forge sounds is super important. Trying to develop a simple multi-page Blueprint app but since the blueprint_page_created callback doesn’t work in Cloud I’m looking at Forget but it doesn’t seem to have a Blueprint module yet.


I’m actually curious on how Atlassian is going to position Forge? Will Forge apps be available in the marketplace and if so, does Atlassian allow free apps? Or will Forge be more like the Confluence user macros?

At the moment Forge feels kind of limited, but this has also to do with my limited understanding of modern web development (react syntax :smiley: )

I would also like to see a Board action template, besides the Issue action templates.

Thanks in advance!

Hey Rick—I can answer two of those:

  • Forge apps will be available on the Marketplace (no date yet), and the Marketplace allows free apps.
  • We have a UI solution where you’ll be able to write arbitrary HTML/CSS/JS in the works, which will be releasing very soon. Watch this space!

Should we consider Forge as a future replacement for Connect? Or it can be considered as a frontend tool with a backend with restrictions (e.g. 10 seconds for function execution)?
Thanks in advance!

Hey Anton,

That’s a really complicated question. I think Joe puts it best in his blog post on this topic, which is that Forge and Connect currently co-exist, but will be combined into a unified platform in the future.

We’ll be announcing more details on this topic at Developer Day—make sure you tune in!

After giving Forge a extensive test drive I can say that the developer experience over P2 and Connect has increased. However one key capability that would make it outstanding is step debugging (e.g via Chrome de tools). If you would like more input you can also DM me.

All the best

Hey @lennardberger—Chrome debugging is not officially supported, but we’d like to find a solution to help our developers accomplish the same thing. We have a ticket for it at FRGE-29.

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Hey @huw this is really good news. Indeed, the -d option is quite hidden, I did not find it (or think of it). It would be amazing if the source tree was loaded into sources right away instead of using debugger; but I am not sure if that is even possible.

Hey, some form of dialogs and flags would be important. Dialogs/Modals should support custom UI.


Hey @dennis.fischer,

We’re currently working on Custom UI modal dialogs. Could you describe for us your use case for dialogs and flags and other things you need from Forge?

It will help us appropriately prioritise and make sure we implement these features in a way that achieves your required use case!