Template fails to render (NullReferenceException)


I’m trying to write a plugin and wanted to add configuration at plan level. So I derived a class from BaseBuildConfigurationAwarePlugin implementing MiscellaneousPlanConfigurationPlugin. Problem is that as far as I can see the TemplateRenderer is null inside of BaseBuildConfigurationAwarePlugin.
I use bamboo version 7.0.4.

I added


the my pom because I use also a configuration in admin site which only worked with this.

I nearly tried everything what came to my mind.

Does anybody knows why this templaterenderer is null?

Many thanks

As soon as I resolve the TemplateRenderer from com.atlassian.templaterenderer.TemplateRenderer in a Servlet the BaseBuildConfigurationAwarePlugin cannot resolve the TemplateRenderer from com.atlassian.bamboo.template anymore.

Nobody an idea? It’s really frustrating. I will give up soon.