Terminal problem

Hello so I have started to Atlassian Forge yesterday but I already have a problem. I just got a new MacBook and I’m trying to get use to this device. While I was using the terminal I had a problem and decided to reopen the terminal. When I reopened the app node, nvm, npm and forge commands were not being accepted and I got the following sentence:zsh: command not found: forge. I have been looking through everywhere and I couldn’t find any solutions.

@Bekirmeriek, perhaps you were in a different shell other than zsh or maybe your environment scripts/configs aren’t loading properly. So, try re-running zsh or bash from your terminal to see if the paths get set properly.

I’m also on a Mac, and sometimes I find myself in same situation, and I have to run bash in order for environment to get in their right place.

@nmansilla , thank you for your response. I have tried to use it also in bash too but sadly no hope. I am currently planning to re-install everything all over again.


Hopefully, you’re well on your way to productivity again. But I was inspired by your case of getting a new laptop, and decided to share some of my developer workstation tips: