Terraform (GA) available for Bamboo DC apps performance testing

Hi Developer Community,

We have recently made Bamboo Data Center Helm charts available for you for the purpose of provisioning Bamboo DC and deploying Bamboo agents. We have also released a beta of our turnkey deployment solution (Terraform).

Now is the time for the next step: the GA of Deployment automation for Atlassian DC on K8s for Atlassian Developer Community. It provides an efficient deployment for Bamboo Data Center into a Kubernetes environment by provisioning the required infrastructure, installing the Bamboo instance, Bamboo agents, and importing the dataset. It can be now used with DCAPT for Bamboo DC apps review process.

Check our documentation to get up and running.

If you find any issues, please raise a ticket. If you have general feedback or questions, use Atlassian Community Kubernetes space. Your suggestions are very welcome!


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