Test Suite Suggestions for an Integrated app with logic dependent on Jira Issue data

I’m working with QE to determine what test suite would be most appropriate for a proprietary application that integrates with Jira (and Structure). In short it’s a read-only reporting tool that parses Structure data and all of the Epics and a custom issue type under it. Then this report flags problems with missing field data based on business requirements, resource constraints based on aggregated issue estimates, and the like. We’re looking at Cypress right now, but as all of the app requirements are based on field permutations of Jira issues so I figured I ask here what other developers who need to test Jira issue data are using. Thanks.

Hi, We use Selenium and Cucumber to conduct integration tests on our apps. With the jira-testkit, it allows us to perform comprehensive tests of Jira with the integration of our apps.
t’s a choice from a few years ago, but it still works very well (just a bit slow).