Testing APP with other users and send non-public comments to Jira Cloud through REST API

Hello, experts:

I’m making a .NET Core APP using OAuth 2 (3LO), and as far as it goes, I was able to search issues, comments and attachments, even I sent a couple of comments to an issue.
I’m a developer, and for testing purposes I registered the APP on my account, and I can see the issues of my company’s Jira. But then I needed to check if our costumers are able to see private comments on the issues, and when I tried to log in using a test account, I wasn’t able to do that: “this account doesn’t have Jira”, “you’re not the owner of the APP”… I tried a lot of ways.

I read this topic:

According to it, I can’t test it before making the APP public. Is that right? What about when the app is finished and I need to deploy to the real server with my boss account?

Meanwhile, I’m dealing with “non-public” comments on issues. There is no reference in the documentation about it, but I found that I can get if a comment is public or not checking jsdPublic field on load. I tried to use it to send a comment as private, but I wasn’t able to do it. Is there a field I can use to mark it to be readable only for developers and admins and not our customers? Should I use the “visibility” field or there is an easier way?

Thank you.

Hi @CarlosALpezOrtn ,

It sounds like the app is used in the context of Jira Service Management (Jira Service Management | A new take on ITSM software), which was previously known as Jira Service Desk.

In this case, I would use the POST /rest/servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}/comment API (see here for its documentation) and rely on the public parameter to control if the comment is added as public (visible to customer/portal-only accounts) or restricted (visible to the users with an Atlassian account).

Regarding the ability to test this, if all what you need to do is to check if the comments are public or not, this can be done simply with a test customer account with no need to use the app. However, if these users should also be using the app, then it needs to be distributed following the steps here.


Ok, I made a ticket to make my app be public. Now I went to my developer console, activated the “share” selector, filled all fields and saved.

Then, opened my app, clicked on the connect button and the app went to the atlassian log in page. Introduced the customer data, pressed to log in and:
"Something went wrong
You don’t have an Atlassian Jira site to connect WebExtranet to. Visit http://www.atlassian.com to create a site.

Something’s not right? Raise a support request."

A customer cannot have a site, right? Should do I configure something in the customer data in order to use my app?