Testing licensing in Forge apps

I am currently working on a licensed Forge app, which is set to private in the Marketplace. Before publishing the app, I need a way to test the licensing functionality to ensure that this logic works as expected for end users, however I can’t figure out a way to do this.

I understand from this documentation page that in order to test Forge app licensing, you must have an app listed in the Atlassian Marketplace, with the following:

app.licensing.enabled attribute to the manifest.yml file and set its value to true

I was hoping to have a way to test this licensing logic in beta with some customers, but I cannot find an option to provide a private or beta app with app.licensing.enabled set to true.

How have others overcome this limitation?


Unfortunately commercial apps in Forge isn’t really at the same par as Connect. Do Forge apps support Private listings in the marketplace?

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Thanks for your response @danielwester I read through that thread you provided and it looks like the suggested approach is to create two apps (but this doesn’t resolve testing licensing logic).

It seems like the only means of testing licensing logic is in production — is this the approach you use?

I was wondering if this page offers the info you were looking for @JimmyLoughran


As we are about to publish our first Forge version (already have Server/DataCenter versions) we are at this point too, so how did things go?

Were you able to try/test anything out “privately” with the app in production environment with licensing enabled?

Or is it just to dive into the deep end and go ahead and make it public?

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Hey @freatt in the end I did not manage to test anything privately, instead I “mocked” the license states in development, as described here. Ideally there would be a way in future to test licensing before launching.