TestsManager is not returning all test cases


I wanted to get all testcases that where run for a particular build, however when using the TestsManager and the getTestsForChainResultByState-method, I’m not getting the tests.

I’m heavily interested in tests that succeeded and tests that were skipped as I can get the failed tests using chainResultsSummary.getFailedJobResults().

It seems that I can only return tests that are new failures/successes in this build, not if they were already passing or were already failing.

EDIT: Also, https://docs.atlassian.com/atlassian-bamboo/6.8.1/com/atlassian/bamboo/resultsummary/tests/FilteredTestResults.html does not contain sucessful tests, does anyone know how I can get them?

Has anyone already used the TestsManager and did it work for you?