✨ TextArea and UserPicker in macro configuration

You can now use TextArea and UserPicker components in macro configuration.

See Switch to the new macro configuration to learn how to switch an existing macro with configuration to use the new macro configuration.



Ive been trying to create a way to search filters in this widget. Ive tried using a combination of the TextField and Select widgets but have had no luck. It appears you can only use useState in UI components so there is no way for me to update the filters I show in the select widget based on the TextField.

All you documentation on the macro config shows static content or custom made pickers like User. Is there a way I could build something like UserPicker but for filters?

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Hey @Stoff81,

Your use case is very valid, but unfortunately we don’t have a way to do that in Forge macro configuration currently. I’ll pass on this feature request to the team.

In the meantime, some workarounds could be to build in a configuration screen into the macro itself (although it won’t be editable in edit mode for now, only in read mode)

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Thanks for confirming what I believed to be true. You will see a similar feature request on the forge backlog from me already.

I did start to explore the option to do config in the main view but didn’t pursue to hard so. Will check that out when I get some time

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@iceman Can you please tell me when monospaces Textare will be supported? This would be very important to me to use:

      <TextArea name="foo" label="code" isMonospaced="true" />

to have the input monospaced. Would be awesome :slight_smile:

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