Thank you for helping build a $250 million marketplace

Hello Atlassian developer community! This is my first post to the developer community as I start my 6th week here at Atlassian as the new head of ecosystem marketing.

But more about me later. I want to spend my first post talking about You. You have been inspiring me every day during my first six weeks on the job as I learn just a little bit about all the add-ons offered in the Atlassian Marketplace. One of my very first tasks has been helping build the keynote for AtlasCamp our annual developer conference happening this year in Barcelona. To say I have been impressed as I begin to learn about all the new businesses that have been bootstrapped by developers from all around the world–mirroring the story of how Atlassian itself was founded–is an understatement.

One of the more important ways to measure the value of a marketplace is by total sales created by the business that sell on the marketplace. Some marketplaces refer to this measurement as gross merchandise volume. I consider this metric to be a good benchmark of opportunity that a marketplace creates for vendors that sell items in the marketplace.

By that measure, you are helping us build one of the most successful marketplaces to power teamwork around the world. The Atlassian Marketplace has now generated over $250 million in total sales since its beginning just five years ago. $100 million of that was created in the past year alone. This means our marketplace has paid out nearly $200m to our vendors since it started in 2012. Atlassian customers have more than 3,000 add-ons available to help them custom fit their Atlassian products to the unique needs of their teams. This momentum in the marketplace is palpable in the hallways of Atlassian itself.

So let me add my voice to those of my fellow Atlassians in thanking all the developers, partners and entrepreneurs worldwide who are powering our marketplace to new heights and deeper integrations. You can read the Atlassian blog post for full details, but I would love to meet up with some of you who will be in Barcelona during AtlasCamp. I can’t wait to hear your Atlassian Marketplace story.

Keep building all the useful things for teamwork and having fun doing it. You rock.

Head of Ecosystem Marketing


Thank you very much to Atlassian for creating this Marketplace and all its environment. (SDK, License API et al.) Much appreciated!

P.S. We one had a collection of bugs, which are important for us Add-on developers. If you could support us in get additional priority on some special bugs to be fixed, this would be of great value. See here How to get Product bugs addressed in a timely manner for details.

Hi @Holger,

Nice to meet you. Did we meet very briefly IRL in the Community Feedback session on Thursday afternoon during Happy Hour at AtlasCamp last week?

Re: collection of bugs which are important for add-on developers: thank you for pointing this list out. I do know @pvandevoorde has been working with our ecosystem team on prioritizing these reported issues, but at this time all I can do is acknowledge the thread, no feedback on timing of addressing them–which I further acknowledge is an unsatisfying response. :worried:

Thank you for bumping the thread for my awareness. I’ll make sure to mention in our debriefs happening over the next couple of weeks.


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