The best way to get nested items for all types of jira issue

The problem: calculate progress based on children’s status.

Long story short:
Jira cloud has at least 3 different “nested items” setups:

  1. Subtasks
  2. Issues in epic
  3. Child items for custom levels in Jira Premium.
    3.5. Child items+subtasks in the same issue.

Subtasks are listed in the body,
Child items can be get though jql “parentLink=%”
Nextgen project items can be fetched with “paren=%”

Is there a unified way to get nested items by Jira issue ID?



Thanks for explaining your situation. The bad news is the mechanisms you described for “nested items” are all going to be deprecated per:

The good news is there is now a new attribute, parentId that is unifying the concept “hierarchy” in Jira. Aside from deprecation, you can learn more about the APIs for hierarchy in this developer announcement:


Thanks for the response!
I think, it will not be a problem for us, as we don’t care about the hierarchy level.
The question rather:
How to get nested items for any issue?

Maybe there is a hidden api method “GET /NestedElements” which returns everything for epic, task or a custom level created for roadmap?

Hi Andy,

There isn’t any good way to solve the problem. What is more you need to resolve ( find out) what is the clause for parentLink in meta, because it may be translated, so you need to fetch rest/api/2/field first. Then you also need to know if you are in a next-gen project (team-managed project) so you need to fetch project, then a last you can call jql for child issues, then a jql for subtasks, etc…

Thx! This is what we do right now and it’s really shitty logic.
Btw, regarding the translations, some methods support accept lanugage Accept-Language - HTTP | MDN


Would JQL work for you? I think you should be able to ask for issues where parentId=ABC-123.

Don’t have this option, only the parent, parentLink, and parentEpic . Is it a new attribute?
In general, it works, but the condition is really complex.

That would be very interesting! However, it seems that it is not working yet

    "errorMessages": [
        "Field 'parentId' does not exist or you do not have permission to view it."
    "warningMessages": []
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I write the following JQL query to get the children of an issue in a unified way where it doesn’t matter what the parent-child relationship is:

parent=SOME-KEY OR "Epic Link"=SOME-KEY OR "Parent Link"=SOME-KEY

parent covers Task-Subtask and Epic-Task relationship in Team Managed Projects (TMP) and Task-Subtask relationship in Company Managed Projects (CMP)

Epic Link covers Epic-Task relationship in CMP

Parent Link covers Feature-Epic and above with Advanced Roadmaps

To get all the childrens’ children in one query I use webhooks to save the parent keys of each issue in an entity property called allParentIssues. That way I can search allParentIssues = SOME-KEY and get all the children and childrens’ children, and children’s childrens’ children ect in one query.

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