The "Epic Name" still required

@konstantink Following the announcement The “Epic Name” field will become optional from 15 Jan 2023 But in our Jira cloud site, “Epic Name” is still mandatory when creating Epic (in a company managed project) in UI and REST API request to create Epic without “Epic Name” fails with Bad Request (400) ... Epic Name is required.

Have I misunderstood the announcement or what’s going on that the “Epic Name” is still required in company managed projects?

Hi @OndejMedek, sorry for the confusion - “Epic Name” is to become optional after 15 Jan 2023. In fact, this is planned to be released to production in the coming month or two.

This is already available through Epic Renaming Beta.


Thanks for the fast reply. I have also received an email in February same as this comment on community forum:

Changes to epics on your board and backlog

  • The name of the epic on the board and backlog will now use the epic’s Issue summary.

… These changes are due to roll out on March 22nd, 2023.

So, it seems to me, since March 22nd, 2023 the Epic Name would become almost useless in UI, but still required field? Or, these changes will make Epic Name optional, too? (I.e. is that the release you have mentioned in the coming month or two?)

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Reply from Atlassian Community by @DanielCapizzi :

I can confirm that as part of the epic field changes being rolled out soon the Epic Name will become optional, so it won’t need to be populated now that it’s no longer being used by the UI.