The Forge Confluence UI-KIT-2 application encountered a failure during production installation after enabling licensing in the manifest file

We are developing an application for Jira and Confluence using Forge UI-Kit-2. After enabling licensing in the manifest (please see the screenshot), we can deploy to the production environment but face issues with installation or installation --upgrade. Interestingly, using the same code allows us to deploy and install successfully on the Jira production environment. We can also deploy and install both Jira and Confluence for development and staging environments with licensing enabled. I have attached the error screenshot with this post. Could you please help fix these issues? Thank you.

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Same here. Does anyone do something about it? Deploing works on dev, stage, prod. Installation works on dev, stage but tu prodution have the same error. Only after enabling licensing

Is this supposed to be a single commercial cross product app that should work in both Jira and Confluence? If so, I’m afraid this is not possible (despite this being a notable part of the original Forge platform vision), see What if my app supports multiple products?:

The Forge platform lets developers build apps that are compatible with multiple products.

However, the Marketplace doesn’t currently support cross-product apps. If your app is compatible with multiple products, you’ll need to create two Forge apps using the same code base, and publish two separate listings on the Marketplace. Note, Forge apps listed on the Marketplace aren’t able to make API calls across different products and instances/installations.

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