The future of app migrations in partnership with the Marketplace ecosystem

We’re excited to be promoting our plans for automated app migration paths at and around Atlassian Team ‘21. If you haven’t already registered for the event, you can register for free today. The digital event runs April 28 - April 30.
As you attend Team '21, don’t miss the automated app migrations mentions in:
-“Scaling innovation with Atlassian Enterprise” power session
-“Cloud migration journey: 5 pitfalls to avoid” demo
-“15 of your top cloud questions covered in 15 minutes” demo

We know that app availability and support are key decision-making criteria in a customer’s decision to move to cloud, so we’ve been actively investing in app and app data migration this year. Thank you to all the Marketplace Partners who have partnered with us to deliver automated migration paths ahead of our Jira and Confluence app data migration customer EAP’s.

Yesterday we published “The future of migrating apps” on Atlassian’s Work Life blog, which highlights our work with Marketplace Partners to bring automated app migrations to the Jira and Confluence Cloud Migration Assistants.

Based on recent growth in customer app assessments using the Cloud Migration Assistants, we know that there’s no better time to be talking to customers about app and app data migration.

Automated app migrations will help to unblock customers who currently consider apps a barrier to moving to cloud. It may be valuable to share Atlassian’s plans in this area with customers during migration scoping conversations. This is also an opportunity for Marketplace Partners who are building automated app migration paths to amplify this messaging around (and after) Atlassian’s flagship Spring event.

We’ve included draft social copy you can use to promote this blog - and your involvement in the early access program, if applicable - to your own customers before, during, or after Team '21. Please make this content your own and incorporate your own unique brand and perspective.

Amplifying app migrations

Draft social copy for Marketplace Partners building app migration paths:

JoJo Robyn
Senior Program Manager, Atlassian Marketplace Partner Programs