The Page Properties Report macro on Confluence Cloud no longer loads third-party macro frames

On Friday we noticed that the Page Properties Report macro no longer loads our macros from the Handy Macros app in Confluence Cloud. After the issue evaluation, we found that it does not load iframes of our macros, that’s why nothing is shown.
Within this span, there should be our macros’ iframes:

Please advise any workaround or solution to this.

Sincerely, Vadim


We can reproduce something similar to this on several of our apps. For us, we see the iframe element of our dynamic content macros sometimes disappear while the edit settings sidebar is open and a user removes a value.
It seems only the instances with the new sidebar settings are affected.

:wave: @vrutkevich,

Is this happening only on sites with the new sidebar as @tobitheo reported or also on the ones with the previous view?


Hi @ccurti!
I do not know what’s going on, now macros are loaded on my host where the issue was reproduced. I do not remember whether there was a sidebar or not. Could you please clarify what’s going on with update rollout. I can ask our customers to check on their sites.

Sincerely, Vadim

Ok, that’s strange but good that it’s working right now. I’ve also been able to add a handy status to a page property and to display it in the page properties macro.

Can you (and everybody that is affected) let us know if things change at any time and I can have a look at this tomorrow and ask the engineering team to check as well?

Ideally it would be good to have the steps to reproduce it and a screenshot showing the problem.

@tobitheo if you can still reproduce the issue, can you also let me know (here or on the ticket)? The Miro login page wasn’t loading for me a few minutes ago when I tried so I didn’t manage to fully test it.

I’m not aware of anything that is happening with the rollout of any feature that would have an impact here but I can keep investigating once the devs are back online.

Any details you might have will be helpful to get to the bottom of this.


@ccurti I have asked our customers to check on their side. The issue persisted for several days, this cannot be collective hallucinations :slight_smile:
I will let you know once I receive an update from our customers.
Thanks for your assistance.

Sincerely, Vadim

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Sounds good. If you can provide the details about the timeline of the issue, I can try to see if I can find out what might have been happening around that time.

My issue still persists. So far, I have been able to reproduce it for both our Miro and Invision apps. No login is required, you don’t even need valid URLs to input:

Dropbox - 2021-06-08 21.07.05.gif - Simplify your life (The GIF is too big for this site)

I was also able to reproduce the issue with an app, that is not from us (but I don’t want to call the vendor out here, let me know if you need this info, then I can provide it on the ticket).

Also: Thanks for looking into this! We really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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The issue you are reporting is a bit different from the original one in this thread and is now tracked under:

Also: Thanks for looking into this! We really appreciate it :slight_smile:
My pleasure @tobitheo !

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Hi @vrutkevich,

After some time of testing, I agree with you that there is a problem but we still don’t know for sure where it is or how to reproduce it.

This is why I would like to ask you and everybody else on this thread to help out (if possible).

Here is what we know so far:

  • the issue can only be reproduced when opening a page in view mode (the macros always work correctly in edit mode)
  • the issue is independent from the new or old macro experience (also known as the configuration sidebar). I realized that I didn’t share a link to what I’m referring to so, here you are: It’s time to dogfood your apps with the new approach to Confluence Cloud macros!)
  • it can be reproduced only “sometimes”

What I’m looking for is:

  • steps to reproduce it
  • any console error that can be observed
  • ? not sure what else but I’ll add something here if i can think about anything else

Thank you all,

All our customers reported that the issue was resolved. Please check what fixes were rolled between June 4-8, 2021.

Sincerely, Vadim

Thank you for confirming with the customers that the issue is now resolved. That’s great news.

Regarding the fixes that have been rolled out between the 4th and the 8th of June, as you can imagine, our engineering teams are constantly deploying new changes as well as changing feature flag rules so I’m afraid we will not be able to provide such a list.

I will also keep the conversation open on this thread in case others are still experiencing the same issue.


Hi all,

After some more testing, we have been able to fully understand the details of this issue and had been raised to track it.