The Photoshop and Sketch files of ADG3



Will you provide the files as you have here for AUI? It will be helpful for our ux designer.


Do you have access to If you do, you can find the sketch file here:

If you do not have access, I’m not sure how you can get access to the new design documentation. Maybe someone else can help with this?


Yes after summit I guess.


Thanks! I have access but couldn’t find this file.
Thanks again.


Hi, now that the design site has gone live, I cannot find the gui pack anymore. Is there any other place where I could find it?


I can’t seem to find it anymore either. Maybe @ldenton can tell us where we can find it?


The team says they took them down to rework them and they should be back on the site within 2 weeks. Please check back again then.

ADG 3 Illustrations

Is there any news on updated sketch files? I’m not sure if I’m looking in the wrong places or if they’re simply not there yet.


Hi Maarten, our design team is currently working on a new ADG3 sketch file. I will let you know here as soon as its ready! It will be on the design website too.


I have been looking everywhere for the sketch files for icons/patterns and the presentation files that are talked about so much in the videos. I was hired to redesign a plugin we hope to launch at the summit - in just 2 months. Any help getting my hands on these files is MUCHO appreciated!!


I join to the petition of ADG3 Sketch files I’d appreciate them so much Lucy :slight_smile:


Same! Can’t wait to get them.


Any progress on the ADG3 sketch files?


I may have found them for ADG3.