The usage of the IssueLinkDeletedEvent within a selfmade listener is unclear


The usage of IssueLinkDeletedEvent is totally unclear to us.
We use to have listeners, which compare the EventType within the onIssueEvent method to a special Event, but this doesn’t work with the IssueLinkDeletedEvent, as it cannot be choosen.
For example:

public void onIssueEvent(IssueEvent issueEvent) {

Long eventTypeId = issueEvent.getEventTypeId();
if (eventTypeId.equals(EventType.ISSUE_MOVED_ID)) {
LOGGER.trace("Event Type is MOVED: " + eventTypeId);

Please provide information (sample code snippet?) on the usage within a custom listener.
We see, that it is not in the com.atlassian.jira.event.type EventType class, but would have expected to find it there. (We use Jira 7.6.4)

System > Advanced > Events doesn’t show neither the IssueLinkCreatedEvent nor the IssueLinkDeletedEvent. Is this usual?

Even\\ shows a wrong description “…Signals that an issue link was created.”

Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,