There is a new 3.0.0 release of Atlassian Spring Scanner but there is no information about it anywhere

Hi there,

Checking the Atlassian Spring Scanner public repo, I realized there is a new version 3.0.0, but there is not a single piece of documentation or mention anywhere about what brings and how to use it compared to 2.x

Does anyone have some clue about it?



It’s now up to 3.0.2, though it’s completely unclear what bugs have been fixed or what features have been added. There’s no release notes like AMPS has that I can find, making it very difficult to figure out if we even should update.

Any insights a maintainer on Atlassian Staff could share would be extremely helpful.

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From looking at the diff: 2.2.x#diff It seems it exists purely as part of updating everything for Platform 6, if you use the platform POMs (Bitbucket) for versioning platform dependencies then this will be bumped. I would continue to build against the eldest version of the platform POMs that you need to support though.

I don’t see any new features or breaking changes, so I’m guessing upgrading is as simple as bumping the version.

I’ve reached out to the responsible team to add a CHANGELOG