Third party app integration with Dynamic Mapping

Hi, I am new to developing on Trello.

I will like to build a third party integration app that creates a card in Trello based on data from the third party platform. For example, the third party platform can be Zendesk. So I will like to create a Trello card on behalf of users based on the data from Zendesk. The Trello user installing this integration should have the option of filling in fields with the data that they need from the integration app.

I have experience building apps on To accomplish the above in monday, app developers can use dynamic mapping to map data from third party platfroms to monday’s item fields. I am wondering if Trello has something similar ? When building an integration on Trello, how can users dynamically map the third party data to Trello card fields.

If it is not possible to dynamically map data in Trello like in monday, what are my alternatives ?