Time tracker with board, card and checlist button


i want to create a custom time tracker, with a start/stop button on board, card and checklist level.

time can only be tracked with 1 button at the time, starting one button should stop the previous one. (I could also do that on my side via API, then i just need to be able to change the state of the button.)

How do I get my powerup to add a button to checklist items?

And any other tips to get this started and finished quickly are extremely appreciated.

Hi there,

If I’m understanding correctly, you’re looking for a way to add a button to a checklist on a card right?
I don’t believe that functionality is supported for native checklists on a card.
I think you would want to create a custom timed checklist where you’d have a timer button on each checklist item by default through your Power-Up.