Timeout for bridge methods in a custom field

I am currently running into a problem whose cause is beyond my current knowledge.

When I am running the app with tunneling my custom ui based customfield is capable of getting data via the forge/bridge. But when my app is just deployed via “forge deploy” the same requests get an timeout and nothing happens…

Does anyone have an idea what I am missing here? Below is an screenshot of the console. “forge logs” results in an empty response…

I have encountered similar situations.
In my case, it was caused by a deadlock when calling fetch() in parallel on forge/bridge.
During forge tunnel, fetch behavior changes and deadlock does not occur even if fetch() is called in parallel.

Unfortunately i checked if it might be the amount of fetch calls within the resolve handler.
But it isn’t - i just reduced it to 1 single api call agains an external api (testing this api call in postman took just 100ms) and in forge ist causes the timeout…

Does anybody has further ideas? Would be thankful for any ideas