Tips on User Macro Development

I’m new to Confluence development and have been for most of my career a ASP.NET/JS developer which has a great tooling chain.

My new job will require to learn a lot about confluence, velocity and a bit of Java. Due to bureaucracy and legacy reasons they only work with User Macros through the UI and no direct development is ever done through packaging macros as plugins and such as there aren’t access to production server to deploy plugins for example. I might be missing something, but at least is what I’m told (to new to confront with anything)

I’m struggling a lot with this as there seems out of this world not to have some kind of IDE for highlighting and auto complete, but specially not to have a good debugging system. Is it really only possible to debug by sending variable info to the DOM?

Can someone give me a better workflow than edit the user macro through a Text Area input, save, refresh page, check data and DOM, repeat…?

thank you

Plugins are installed through the UI. I’d recommend talking sense into them. Using only User Macros is ridiculous and possibly insane.

Ditto. My guess is that the admins had an issue with an app at some point which is why they’re being sensitive.

That said - user macros can also cause issues so I would have a discussion about the reasons and such. There are limits to what user ma rod can do.

Thank you both for the input. As I thought I will have to be that guy that just arrived and already wants to change all the workflow. Hopefully they will see the bigger picture and not want to kill me :smile:

Understood – We don’t have a method of ‘installing’ or ‘testing’ usermacros more easily than you’ve found. :slight_smile: