To AtlasKit Or Not To AtlasKit, That Is The Question

Ever since the Design System team split their components from to, the Atlassian front-end component library has been a hot mess.

Although the Design Team is now actively maintaining a subset of the components, migrating them to emotion and keeping them up-to-date, it is completely unclear who is responsible for the other AtlasKit components. It is also unclear whether these components will be following the lead from the Design Team and will be migrated / upgraded anytime soon.

Many of these components are critical to the Atlassian Ecosystem, like the Editor. These are also components that are not likely to be deprecated given that they are also extensively used within the Atlassian products.

Would it be possible for Atlassian to

A) make it clear which team(s) are responsible for which component(s)?
B) share some sort of roadmap for upgrading the remaining AtlasKit components or mark them as deprecated?


While the editor has more or less responsible party, the JQL editor libraries is in a more weird and undecided state.

It hasn’t been updated since the initial publication, and there’s no public information regarding its future. And somehow it was released with dependency on old styled-components library (which has vulnerabilities in dependency tree and incompatible with newer react versions), which was removed by that moment from core Atlaskit libraries.

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There is no mention of this anywhere right? You know probably because you have either interacted with the team or have other direct contacts within Atlassian. But for any other developer, it is completely unclear who to reach out to with regard to the state of these components.


Yep I know how to contact the design system team for any components on they have a bug tracker and service desk.

For the other components and the editor, I have no idea. I’d really like some clarification on when the editor will be upgraded to React 17+ and drop the styled-components dependency.


Hi @remie ,

I’m not across the details of AtlasKit and the direction the team would like to take it so I’ve raised awareness of this topic to the team. Hopefully you will get a response from the team.