To Many Connections (Ngrok)

we are new in jira cloud plugin and we are trying to develop new plugin using node js , every things works fine with our plugin except ngrok , it behaves weird , when i use plugin and do some click i got the following error
To Many Connections
i dont know what that exactly mean maybe some one can help
thanks in advanced

error photo :

Looks like you’re hitting the limits of the free version of ngrok. If you need more connections per minute you can either upgrade to a paid plan or use an alternative tool, for example this.


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This is one of the most frequently asked questions. Let me share with you an excerpt from the Ngrok FAQ:

The ngrok accounts are very reasonably priced - we have been using ngrok since the Atlassian Connect beginning 2014, never had an issue. Running some tools on a AWS server will hardly be cheaper (if you figure in the time for fiddling with routing and fixing broken stuff and learning how to use your tool)… just my two cents.

on the other hand maybe your connection handling is also the root problem (just wondering because the difference between free and paid plans in connection limit isn’t huge)


Thank you guys all but i just would like to know why does ngrok handle my requests as connection ?
all what i do is just open connection with database does ngrok handle database connection as connection or as request

Thanks in Advanced